Our history

Innovative. High quality. Natural.

We are a family business that was established in Meråker in 2005 with a vision to supply the Nordic market with year-round high-quality alpaca products. The family business has both Norwegian and Peruvian origins, and combines the knowledge, experience and expertise we have about the changing Nordic climate and alpaca fiber.

Our passion for quality and improvement means that we continuously work to improve the quality of each and every product. We achieve this through the development of new production technology and ongoing training for our employees.

We consider our products to be among the best on the market today. Natur Alpakka makes ethical demands on our suppliers, producers and own factory in order to promote good social security and fair trade.​

"Natur Alpakka" is the label on the goods we design, develop and produce ourselves in collaboration with our local partners and in our own factory in Perú. Manufacturers and suppliers vary from leading factories to small, dedicated craftsmen. We attach great importance to direct and continuous communication with our production partners, as we believe this is crucial to creating products that are perfectly suited to the Norwegian and Scandinavian markets.

In recent years, we have also taken the step and started producing many of our goods ourselves in our own factory in Per u . This has given us an incredibly rewarding experience. Through this approach, we have full control over every phase of production, from start to finish. This ensures that each and every product is created in line with our values.

- Team Natur Alpakka