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Innovative. High quality. Natural

Natur Alpakka was established in 2005 with the aim of supplying the Nordic market with high-quality products all year round. Our company constantly tries to improve the quality of each product by developing new production techniques and ongoing training of our employees.

We consider our products to be among the best on the market today. Natur Alpakka makes ethical demands on suppliers and producers to promote good social security and fair trade.​


"Natur Alpakka" is the brand name for the goods that we at Natur Alpakka Meråker AS design, develop and produce with local suppliers in Perú. Manufacturers and suppliers vary from both leading factories and simple enterprises and craftsmen. Here, direct and regular communication with the manufacturer is very important to us. In this way, the end product will be able to be a good and suitable product for the Norwegian/Scandinavian market.

- Natural Alpaca

Advantages of Alpaca


  • Alpaca is not wool, but hair

  • Alpaca hair is hollow fibers and insulates both heat and cold

  • Alpaca and polar bear fur have the same ability to insulate when wet

  • Alpaca fibers are naturally smooth, very soft and light

  • Alpaca fiber contains sulfur and is naturally self-cleaning

  • Alpaca is an allergy -friendly luxury fiber that is excellent for baby clothes and garments for allergy sufferers

  • The alpaca fibers do not contain lanolin, which binds dust and bacteria

  • Due to its insulating ability, alpaca is particularly suitable for those with rheumatic complaints and arthritis, and for those who sit still a lot, get cold easily or are outdoors a lot

  • Our socks: Especially suitable for anyone with reduced blood circulation, muscle and joint problems


Washing and maintenance


Our garments contain sulfur which has self-cleaning properties, so you should always try to air the garment first. Bad smells often disappear quickly when the alpaca garment is allowed to hang freely in the fresh air, so perhaps it is not necessary to wash it after all. A garment that is washed a little less often stays nice for longer.

Stains can advantageously be treated directly, without washing the entire garment. Gently squeeze with a damp cloth. Do not rub, as the yarn felts easily.

If the garment needs to be washed, it must be washed using the most gentle method. If your washing machine has a wool cradle, we recommend you use it, if not, hand washing is the best method. Always use a special detergent or normal hair shampoo. Never use fabric softener.

The garment should be dried flat.