Benefits of alpaca

The properties that make alpaca nature's smartest fiber!

First of all, many say alpaca wool , but it is actually alpaca fiber which is simply the alpaca's hair. Alpaca hair is hollow fibers that are very thin and naturally smooth, which makes it super soft and light. At the same time, it insulates from heat and cold.

Little fun fact: Alpaca fiber and polar bear fur have the same ability to insulate when wet.

  • Warm: Alpaca fiber 3 times warmer than sheep's wool.
  • Water resistant: Alpaca fiber is naturally water-repellent and transports moisture away, keeping the wearer warm and dry.
  • Odor resistant: Alpaca fiber contains sulfur and is naturally self-cleaning.
  • Allergy-friendly: Alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin, which binds dust and bacteria. It is therefore perfectly suited for baby clothes and garments for allergy sufferers.
  • Luxurious fiber: Naturally smooth and soft that both looks and feels amazing.
  • Lightweight: Alpaca garments are lighter, yet sturdy and strong.
  • Environmentally and animal friendly: Alpaca fiber is sheared in the same way as sheep. In addition, processing alpaca fiber is non-polluting. There are no harmful oils that need to be removed from the fibers.
    • Alpaca is 100% natural fiber.

Due to its insulating properties, alpaca is particularly suitable for those with rheumatic complaints and arthritis, and for those who sit still a lot, get cold easily or are outdoors a lot.

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